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Welcome to HR Week 2023, we’re glad to have you here!

Join 10000+ of the world’s most brilliant minds in HR, and obtain practical knowledge and insights from the leading organizations in the global market through a unique virtual experience.

This year, we are thrilled to announce that this year everyone will be able to get a glimpse of conference and explore our HR Week platform. Sign up for HR Week Freemium or Buy a Premium Ticket and gain access to a wide range of masterclasses, interviews, and panels, all designed to provide you with actionable strategies and practical advice.

Explore HR Week Days

20th November

Strategic HR

A whole day devoted to the strategic road that HR is heading to! We bring insightful stories about the future-oriented processes of developing HR in order to support business objectives focusing on Strategy, Leadership and Business.

21st November

People-Centric HR

Discover hot HR topics covered through 20+ sessions where we introduce profound insights into the Engagement, Employee Experience, Culture, Employer Branding, Empowerment and many more.

22nd November

Innovative HR

Merging the stories about the latest HR technologies that support the digital transformation of HR in order to shape the future of work! Covering the latest HR news and trends about Data driven approach, HR Tech, Digital transformation and numerous new methodologies.

23rd November

HR Development

Developing HR has never been more important! Real and practical stories will tell about the processes of HR transformation. Listen about Performance Consulting, Personal Career Paths, E-learning and Business Coaching practices.

24th November

C-Level Day

The best of all CxO in one place! A whole day devoted to C Level. Find the common language between HR and Business on how to play the strategic HR game.

HR Week 2023 Speakers

We bring you the best speakers from all around the world, case studies from successful companies and best insights from experts of all branches.

Joerie Nijhuis

It’s up to you

Perry Timms


Michelle Raymond

The People’s Partner

Jessica Miller-Merrell


Tihomira Georgieva


Ivana Pejak

Medi Group

Lena Thompson

Keynote Speaker

Nenad Sićević


Goran Tintor


Jelena Radonjić


Miloš Petrović


Evgenia Stavrova

Willis Towers Watson

Alan Aastorp

Productivity Lab International

Tina-Marie Wohlfield


Alina Perrin


Ivan Stefanović


Ronald Seeliger


Paul Bennun

DAZN Group

Tamara Letić


Sarah Harnett


What can you expect from HR Week 2023?

This year we decided to provide HR professionals with all year access to wide range of educational content and make every week an HR Week!


Attending the biggest online conference in Europe with over 160 speakers in a virtual gamified environment will get you fresh insights, hot HR topics & trends, valuable experiences, and lots of knowledge!

You will learn about Strategy, Leadership, Data-Driven HR, Employer Branding, HR Tech, Organizational design, Digital Transformation, and many more.


Expo Zones are nothing new, but during the HR Week, 100+ vendors will have prepared special offers and discounts for all the participants of the event! What is more, you may discover new HR tools and training for yourself, your colleagues or employees. 

Also, don’t miss the special learning content in the Learning Zone. Discover books, podcasts, blogs, and additional, insightful materials, all about HR, to deepen your knowledge, and inspire and remind yourself why HR is your passion.

Personalized agenda

Being a 5 days event, HR Week will have more than 150 speakers! We are aware of everyday-life obligations and the value of free time so, here’s a GREAT thing: everyone will have the ability to create their personalized agenda based on interests, seniority level and industry.

This way you will get the most value out of the lectures and not waste time on something you’re not interested in. Create your own conference – choose the topics that you like the most, save them in your agenda and enjoy!

Gamified virtual experience

This year’s HR Week will be held in a full-virtual environment, created and customized just for this event! You will have a chance to walk around the hall, join the conference room and multiple tracks to hear live lectures, network with other participants during the breaks, explore Learning and EXPO zones and enjoy special educational content.

Start exploring the content!

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Since 2019, HR Week has been inspiring 20000+ HRs across the globe to reinvent their HR Skills and better their HR Strategies.

The platform has content on 10+ different HR topics for you to join and start learning right away, with new videos unlocked every month.



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