A Sneak Peek into Your Unique Experience

HR WEEK is not just a conference. It’s THE conference of the year! Reasons to say that are numerous and, as the event approaches, this week we’re bringing the latest HR WEEK news to you.

Here’s what awaits you from the moment you join the conference:

Personalized agenda

If you purchased a Weekly ticket, you have the opportunity to tailor the agenda to your own schedule! After you create your own profile on the HR WEEK platform (you can add your picture as well), you will have a full agenda presented to you to choose the topics that you want to hear and schedule them in your profile. You can also connect your Google calendar with the profile and schedule the talks there. Feels amazing knowing that you can choose the best topics to listen to, out of each thematic day, right? 

Suggested topics

Not just that you will get to choose the talks which are the most interesting to you but, getting to know your preferences and interests after you create a profile, through the chosen tags you can filter the agenda yourself and personalize it. And, in the end, you can scroll through recommended talks and schedule them in your profile.

Benchmark with your peers

When you are on your journey to self-development through insights into the latest HR trends, why not check the most popular formats among your peers? This is exactly what we’re bringing to your experience this year. Choose your seniority and check what are the formats that your peers chose the most to listen to so that they can learn more.

Track your journey

We’re spicing things up with a little bit of analytics. Track your learning path and see how many talks you listened to (out of those that you chose in your personalized agenda), which formats you listened to (% of keynotes, % of case studies, etc), so you can think better about your learning habits.


The full agenda for all five thematic days of the event is LIVE! Check it here and see the topics, case studies, panel discussions and expert talks waiting for you.

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