At HR Week, we sure do!

HR Week is one of the biggest HR events in Europe with over 3000 attendees, 150 speakers and more than 70 vendors of HR services. 

Last year’s event covered diverse interesting and relevant topics like strategy, employee experience, empowerment, digital transformation, HR tech, young talents and much more. 

The topic that stood out and brought numerous insights to the audience was definitely about TALENTS


In a short but thought-provoking keynote, Eleonora Valenti, having her experience of working for Nike and MindValley, stated that there is a huge war on talent currently. Therefore, it is very important to know how to approach and attract new generations to want to work. How to keep the talent engaged and motivated?

The 5 elements that companies should consider are: 

  1. mission
  2. creating happiness
  3. planning growth
  4. giving space for initiatives
  5. to keep evolving.

Eleonora stated that the key element is to keep evolving. Just because you followed these elements, and you have a really good company, it does not mean you should stop learning and evolving. Know this – there is always a space for improvement!

If companies followed these 5 elements, they would create an amazing workspace, not just for young talents, but for all employees.

The war on talents

How to keep the talents engaged and motivated?

In an Expert Talk with Rovin Pulikken, Vice President – Software Engineering and Site Leader at Tektronix, about Ways of Keeping and Growing Great Talent, Minimizing Single Point Risks, Rovin gave us a broader view on this topic by depicting a current situation in India where there is a massive war for talents in engineering.

However, competitiveness exists not just in India, but all around the world. 

“When someone is recognized as a good young talent, it is really hard to get them because everyone wants them, but it’s harder to make them stay”.

He shared key elements on how to keep the talent engaged and motivated.

He stated that, in order to be a good leader and to keep employees happy, the most important thing to have is trust. The trust has to be built and kept. Another very important quality to have is to be transparent. Trust is built by transparency. 

What was pointed out is that leaders should never be too busy for their people. They should have meetings with them, and coach other leaders to help the young talent and keep the company’s strategy simple so that everyone can understand it.

With these key elements, employees feel happy and motivated, and the company is growing and getting stronger.

Ways of keeping and growing great talent

These, and many more speeches from stunning speakers like Christina Wolf, Head of Recruiting & People Development at Netconomy, or a panel on the topic of Talent Management Is a Strategic Question, where Ola Pucick, Head of Poland, Adriatic and Key CEE Accounts at LinkedIn, Ivana Karanović, Head of Learning and Development at Karanovic & Partners, Sonja Bunčić, Head of Talent Management at Levi9) were speaking, and many more, are a reason why is HR Week one of the most popular HR events in Europe!

Their panel about Talent Management Is a Strategic Question brought an interesting statistic to our minds – according to McKinsey research, teams that have gender diversity on executive positions are 20% more likely to outperform on profitability and 27% more likely to have superior value of creation.

So, it is very clear that diversity is a key to success.


Secure your seat today and don’t miss awe-inspiring speeches from HR professionals all around the world!

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