Everything you need to know about HR Week 2023.

What is HR Week?

HR Week is a 5-day event dedicated to relevant and current HR topics with over 3000 attendees from all over the world, with more than 150 speakers and more than 70 vendors of HR services in the HR Expo Zone.

When is the realization date?

The event will be held from 21st till 25th November.

Is the event held online?

Yes, the event takes place on the virtual 3D platform.

What is the official language of the conference?

The official language is English.

How long does the program plan last?

The program starts each day at 9 am and ends at 5 pm.

In which time zone is HR Week going to be held?

Content will stream in the CET time zone, but replays will be available on-demand immediately for all attendees.

What topics will be covered in the event?

The event is structured in 5 thematic days. Themes are Strategic HR (20th Nov), People-Centric HR (21st Nov), Digital HR (22nd Nov), HR Development (23rd Nov), C-level day (24th Nov).

Who are the speakers at the event?

Speakers are both worldwide known experts and people who come from businesses. You can expect more than 150 HR professionals and executives from companies around the world.

What types of formats will be released?

There will be several types of formats so that everyone can find the best for them-selfs. You can learn from Expert Talks, Case studies, Keynote presentations, Panel discussions, and Networking sessions.

How many people can use the same login credentials?

Our platform is designed to allow only one user per ticket, therefore ability to share login credentials will not be possible.

I’m too busy so I can’t follow the whole program.

You should listen to the sessions that are relevant to your industry and expertise. With the personalized agenda you will get suggestions on each day what is compatible with your preferences. This is accurate only for weekly tickets.

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