How to make the most out of online events?

Be proactive, participate, contribute

Event industry as any other is evolving and virtual events in times of world pandemic have been a huge deal. From Zoom webinars to digital platforms and full virtual events with a high-quality experience, here are some things you should consider when attending one.

Countless opportunities

Everything is just a click away! No need to get up early, dress well, drive long hours or take a few days off of work for travel. You can attend from any location, any conference in the world.  And there are many ways to do so – from your living room or office, on a computer, television or telephone – whatever you are  most comfortable with. It is very cost and time effective and you still have access to all the education and networking.

Great values

Many times we take things for granted and fail to fulfill the goals we have set by ourselves in the first place. Remember that you paid for gym membership but didn’t go to workout ? But it is not just the money that has gone away. It’s all the time, opportunities and moments we’ve missed.

In order to be productive, be aware of all the personal and professional benefits you will get from attending the conference, as every event is unique and unrepeatable. And if you commit to attending one, don’t let the chance go away.

Now or never

Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to many great speakers live! Although pre-recorded videos and online courses are good, they lack interaction. In online conferences you have a chance to interact with speakers, other participants, take notes, ask questions, clarify information and share your opinion. And imagine if you could also create your own avatar and take virtual walks through the conference setting? Wouldn’t that level up our learning experience?


TIme management

Plan your time, make priorities and don’t multitask if you want to get the most out of an event.  Be aware of all the challenges of watching conferences from your home or office such as how easy it is to get distracted. The best advice is to plan your time and goals in advance, put it in a calendar as any other task and try to go through it with a focus.


Remember that attendees of the conference have similar interests in the topic as you with more or less experience. Success doesn’t come overnight and a conference is a great place to hear many case studies and business insights from colleagues, speakers and attendees and all the steps, hard-work and failures behind it. Be smart and learn from others’ mistakes – listen closely, take notes, interact, and take away the best advices you can implement in your personal and professional development.

Have a backup

Technology can be a little tricky and usually it happens when we need it the most – phone could run out of battery, internet connection could be unstable, computer may be buggy. Acknowledge all the risks and be prepared in every case scenario. You do not want to miss a lecture because of the technical issue.


Some online events can track your progress and give you a report on how effectively you’ve spent your time online, what you’ve learned, how you’ve improved your skills and where you are compared to all your colleagues and your competitors. This can be useful in making you more productive.

Final word

There is no need to compare virtual events with live onces since they are essentially different and there are many pros and cons on both sides. One thing for sure is that virtual events are becoming a huge part of our lives and are taking all the advantages of the internet in a mission to overcome geographical obstacles and  connect the world.

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