HR as a Driver Of Business Performance

Stories from C-Level day on leadership, business landscape and global trends

One of the main issues throughout the years has been about whether HR is a business or just a support function to the business. That’s why in recent years increasing efforts have been made to make C-Level recognize how important the role of HR is for the company and business in general.

C-Level Day at HR Week is always dedicated to CEOs of various companies. Lectures are held by HR directors with topics that present why Human Resources are so important, and why they should try to understand and support the role of HR.

If you are looking for help on how to support the role of HR in your company or want to hear strong and encouraging speeches from numerous HR directors – HR Week is perfect for you!

Let’s see some key insights into HR WEEK’s 2021 speeches at the C-level day


Miloš ĐurkovićManaging Partner at Amrop Serbia, spoke about HR Leadership with Integrity. 

“Leadership is the art of causing the others to want to do what the leader thinks needs to be done.”

In his stunning speech, he shares 5 secret ingredients for effective, dynamic and enthusiastic leadership:

  1. challenging the process
  2. inspiring people
  3. enabling others to act
  4. modelling the way
  5. encouraging people.

But, what he thinks is crucial is to inspire them to grow. Leader’s job is to help people flourish, and the best way to do that is to be a part of the team, feel the atmosphere and actually listen to them.


Ivan Stefanović is Head of Strategic Programs Office at Hyperoptic. In his insightful speech, he spoke about business architecture as a foundation for digital transformation. 

“Business architecture delivers value as an effective communication and analytical framework for translating strategy in our daily operations. It helps navigate complexity, reduce risk and helps make more informed decisions. All companies must transform using digital technologies in order to develop and deliver a profitable portfolio of products and services.”

He also stated that digital transformation is not just about technology. It’s about how we operate and deliver value to our customers and future, proving the concept of our business in the long run. 

The essential thing is thinking how to adapt, but on the level of our people – how are we going to train people and what are their crucial skills in the future going to be?

It’s important for companies to continue to maintain their boldness and to innovate.


Another inspirational speech was given by Dejan CvetkovićCTO at Microsoft Development Center Serbia. He has been working at Microsoft for 28 years. 

In his speech he spoke about leadership principles at Microsoft. 

To be the leader, to inspire people, to aspire for some goal in the future, you don’t need to be the manager, because we believe leadership is the skill that can be developed. What I want to underline is that HR people are key to creating a leadership development culture.

He pointed out 4 leadership principles:

  1. How will people follow you?
  2. How will people listen to you?
  3. How will people trust you?
  4. How will people grow with you?

The best way for people to follow you is the intrinsic way. That way is based on values. When the leader leads with the values, it motivates people because, like that, he paints the vision of a better world

Vision is the key for people to follow you because it captures their minds and their hearts. After that, the rest of the 4, come naturally.


Another amazing speech was delivered by Žaklina Teofilović – Human Resources Director at MTU Maintenance Serbia. 

She gave an answer to one of the most important questions – how HR systems drive business performance?

She said that the differences between a successful company and an unsuccessful company are that, in a successful company, it is all about people. What drives a business is intellectual, organizational and human capital, productive behaviors of employees and HR.

But, the things that shape that productive behavior in human capital are HR systems.

There are 5 practices that are the foundation of effective HR systems:

  1. Employment security
  2. Selective hiring
  3. Self-managed teams and decentralization
  4. Extensive training
  5. Transparency and info sharing.

„HR systems drive  business success because they influence productive behavior of employees and create human capital that is capable, motivated, engaged and has the opportunity to work towards achieving company objectives.“


Another informative speech was delivered by Roman Vladimirovich Kvitko, Organizational Development & Human Resources Director at Gazprom Neft.

He spoke about Global Trends 2021 and the role of engagement in the context of a strategic business mission.

Here is one important thing to take from his speech – he stated that CEOs experience a lot of threats:

  1. 52% – pandemics and health
  2. 47% – cyber threats
  3. 42% – over-regulation
  4. 38% – policy uncertainty
  5. 35%  – uncertain economic growth.

This means that it is crucial to focus on generating thriving skilled employees who are capable of weathering crises.


If you want to learn even more about how to support the role of HR or want to hear strong and inspirational speeches by numerous HR directors, make sure to secure your ticket and listen to many more excellent speeches from well-known experts. 

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