HR Week 2019

HR WORLD, the organization that leads the community of HR professionals in the Adria region, successfully organized a five-day event dedicated to human resources named “HR WEEK”. The event took place in the Kombank Hall in Belgrade from 2nd to 6th of December, 2019. The event brought together the greatest HR experts from the region, Europe and the United States to provide the latest information and trends in the field of human resources. It was designed to educate and inspire all fans of HR and professionals in this field.

HR WEEK lasted for five days. Each day was dedicated to one HR topic: Talent, Development, People Analytics & HR Tech, Employer Branding and Innovative HR.

The first day was dedicated to the topic of talent (Talent Day). The speakers were: Enrique Rubio (Hacking HR, USA), Vladimir Vulić (, Montenegro), Nikola Božić (Serbia), Zoja Kukić (Digital Serbia), Miloš Đuračanin (Nordeus), Nikola Jovanović and Thomas Falter (FlowSpace, Germany).

The second day of the event was devoted to the topic of Development, where the speakers shared their knowledge with the audience. The speakers were: Dan Denison (International Institute for Management Development, USA), Prof. Andreas Muller (Kempten University, Germany), Thomas Falter (FlowSpace, Germany). The day ended with team coaching. The sessions were conducted by Peđa Jovanović (Atria) and Jelena Pavlović (Coaching Center).

The third day, dedicated to People Analytics and HR Tech, was opened by Karen Azulai (HR Tech Nation, Israel) followed by lectures by the following speakers: Maja Ninković (People analytics hub, Serbia), Marina Rakić (IBM, Serbia), Mladen Radović (GetYourGuide, Germany).

The fourth day on the topic of Employer Branding was opened by Alberto Platz (Swarovski, Spain) and Simon Barrow (Great Britain). Ali Ayaz (Employer Branding Academy, Turkey) and Tina Miličić (Atlantic Group, Croatia) also gave lectures and shared rich insights on the topic with the participants.

The event was successfully concluded on the fifth day on the topic of Innovative HR, during which participants had the opportunity to hear speakers such as Shawn Ardaiz (USA), Nemanja Đurić (Coca Cola, Serbia), Emilie Barrallon Engeli (ICF, Switzerland) ) and Herman Ramirez, also from Switzerland. The final panel named “HR 2020 – What can we expect in the future?” preceded the ending of this conference.

During the event, several case studies were presented and relevant, rich knowledge was shared during Masterclasses. At the end of each thematic day, at the EXPO zone, exhibitors had the opportunity to offer modern HR services and exchange experiences, knowledge and opinions with participants and representatives of the academic community.

Companies that sponsored this event were NIS and Atlantic. HR WEEK gathered almost 1000 participants and 50 vendors during five days.

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