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HR Week

There are many conferences that switched to online format when the pandemic started. However, instead of making the dull zoom-call webinars conference experience, HR Week is going a step forward, bringing innovations and creating the best experience in a virtual conference there is!

Are you wondering how? Here are some sneak-peeks of what you’ll get once you buy a ticket.

Extraordinary design

This year’s HR Week will be held in a full-virtual environment created and customized just for this event! You will have a chance to walk around the hall, join the conference room when the lectures are live, network with other participants during the breaks and enjoy special educational content.

Personalized agenda

HR Week is a 5 days event and this year it will have more than 150 speakers! We are aware of everyday-life obligations and the value of free time so each participant will have the ability to create personalised agenda based on interests, seniority level and industry.

This way you will get the most value out of the lectures and not waste time on something you’re not interested in. Create your own conference – choose the topics that you like the most and enjoy!

Track your peers and compare your learning path

Not just that you’ll be able to track your progress on a personal and professional level, but you will be able to compare your achievements with peer groups* and track their learning path.

Do they spend more time on panel discussions or expert talks? Maybe they find certain key notes or case studies more important to follow? Which topics do they choose the most in order to get the best out of this event? Knowing this you can rearrange your topics anytime and see the same content as they do.

Chat! Chat! Chat!

This event gathers the biggest experts around the world and ones who want to become one! The value of knowledge and acquaintances you may get are very precious. Create your own avatar, approach any participant you see there and start chatting with them immediately.

Isn’t it exciting to think how many people from all types of companies you can meet and introduce yourself to? Or even ask about best practices in their companies, advice to HR issues you might be struggling with? This event calls for action, walking and talking rather than just sitting and listening.

Expo Zone & Special Learning Content

Expo Zones are nothing new, but, during the HR Week vendors have prepared special offers and discounts for all the participants of the event! What is more, you may discover new HR tools and training for yourself, your colleagues or employees.

Also, don’t miss the special learning content in the Learning Zone. Discover HR books, podcasts, blogs, additional materials to deepen your knowledge, come upon interesting materials and inspire and remind yourself why HR is your passion.

Multipass – invite entire teams

For teams who want to share weekly ticket multipass there is an amazing option to create up to 5 / up to 10 profiles, so that every member can fully experience and participate in the event. BUT, be aware that only one person at a time can be present at the event, so you may find it easier to buy multiple weekly tickets for your employees.

Knowledgeable speakers

Have we mentioned that HR Week gathers more than 150 speakers?

It would take a few pages to write them all down, but let us just give you a glance by telling you that the Opening Keynote will be delivered by Corporate Rebeles and, the one and only – Henry Minzberg , will deliver a Closing Keynote.

For more updates about the event check our web-site and join us in HR Week LikedIn group.

Don’t miss the latest updates on our social media channels: Instagram , Linkedin.

*No individual information will be displayed, just the group results with the same interests.

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